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  evolutionary science of mind & the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus

Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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Dr. O. C. Smith
Prayer Treatment

I believe in my prayer and the answer to it because I believe in God’s unfailing willingness to give me the kingdom, which is the immutable law of good.  I do not make attempts to coerce or influence God because I realize that I am already one with God.  As the result of this awareness, I expect, accept and receive every good thing that life has to offer.  I believe, I know, and I act.  I have accepted my
partnership with God, therefore today and every day what God has given me in abundance, I share with others, because God’s wellspring of good
never runs dry.  And So It Is.
          - Dr. O. C. Smith, November 2001

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Prayer Requests


The Master Mind

Dr. Ernest Holmes
Dr. Robert Bitzer
Dr. O. C. Smith

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Healing Prayer

Effective Prayer
I realize the Christ Presence born anew in me. I know that there is nothing in all the universe that can prevent the full expression of that which I am. I do not have to compel things to happen. The Christ Presence in me expresses, because it is its nature to do so. I accept the fullness of God's love. I know that the time has come for my larger expression of life. I depend upon Divine Principle, which does all things in the right way, at the right time. I am ready. I open my heart fully that my Christed self may motivate everything that I do. The Cosmic Christ stirs the hearts of all men. I know the rightness of my vision. Regardless of what barriers may seem to exist, or what limitations may appear. I know that Divine Mind finds the way. I am not misled by a seeming lack of receptivity, because I know that my idea will find its full expression. The most humble channel can be turned into the most glorified opportunity. The Christ love illumines my way. My whole world feels its radiant Presence.
Science of Mind Magazine, 12/25/52,
Dr. Robert Bitzer
Add'l. Reading:
SOM Textbook, page 359, lines 5-35

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"Move into this day
loving everything and everyone that you see. 
See God in everything
and everyone and love
everything so much
that the Good has no choice
but to manifest before
your very eyes."
Rev. Bates

"You can overcome any obstacle. You can achieve the most tremendous things by faith power. Have big faith - not any old watered-down faith, and the change in you and in your experience will be little short of miraculous."
--Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Ernest Holmes developed "spiritual mind treatment" from the healing work of the Master Mind Jesus.
In the book, “A New Design For Living,” written by Dr. Holmes and Willis Kinnear, Dr. Holmes defines 4-Steps of spiritual mind treatment. 

Recognition: I know that there is One Presence, One Power, One Life, One Intelligence, One Substance. It is perfect, whole, complete, and harmonious. It is the source of all things and is in and through all things. There is nothing separate from It. There is nothing that can limit Its action, there is nothing that can be separate from Its action. It always knows what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It is the limitless source of every good thing. It is all joy, all happiness, love, harmony, and perfection in all that It is and does.

Identification: There is One life , that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life, now. There is nothing in me or in my experience separate from God. "I am that which Thou art, Thou art that which I am." What I am is God in me as me. I now rid my mind of any and all ideas of isolation and separation from God, and know that as I now turn to Him I permit and Partake of an increased flow and influx of the Divine nature as what I am. I am one with God--all that is. My mind is a focal point, an individualization, of the Mind of God, the One Creative Power. The word I speak, the declaration I make is the word of God going forth through me into new tangible creation. In accord with the Law of Mind my word is its own fulfillment.

Declaration: This word I speak is for me, about me, is the truth of me. There is nothing in my mind, or the mind of another, that can deny it. Its action and fulfillment cannot be delayed, deferred, or hindered. I know, affirm, and declare that Divine Intelligence, the Mind of God, now guides and directs my every thought, my every action. I know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Every good idea I have carries with it the knowledge of the ways and means for its achievement. I am vigorous and whole. I possess the vitality of the Infinite. I am strong and well. God's Life is my life, now. His strength is my strength. His power is my power. My whole being is renewed, invigorated, made alive. There is peace, a Divine harmonious, dynamic, creative action at the center of my being. Every breath I draw, every beat of my heart, is the perfect rhythmic action of Life Itself. The expression of the One Perfect Life in me as me is now perfectly maintaining every atom, cell, and organ of my body. My body is a Divine idea in the Mind of God and no thing, no situation or condition can prevent Its full and complete expression in and as me. God created my body, knows how to maintain it, to remove what doesn't belong, and to rebuild it. This is occurring right now. Without reservation I know I now manifest and experience in all fullness and completeness God's perfect idea of me, and in all respects, every action, function, and structure of my body now conforms to it. There is perfect assimilation, circulation, and elimination. All that I am is one with the One Perfect Life. All the joy there is, all the happiness, all the beauty are now mine. I am born of the Spirit. I am in the Spirit. I am the Spirit made manifest.

Acceptance: I now accept the creative action of the words I have spoken as the law and the thing whereunto they are directed. They go forth into immediate fulfillment. Right now are they fully manifest. There is no delay, there is nothing that can prevent them from now being fully and completely fulfilled in my experience. They are words of power and of good. I accept them, I know they are the truth of that which I am. In and through them God goes forth anew into creation. It is now done, it is now complete. For this knowledge, for this understanding, I am grateful. I give thanks that all this is so. I know and accept that there is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, and that Life is my life now. Right now.
And so it is.


Affirmative Prayer-Treatment
Spiritual Treatment


The Power of My Faith
Let us affirm:
The Power of my Faith creates for me
an awareness that the Intelligence of G-d has found
an opening in my mind to realize for me, in me, a desire for a more healthy life, a more prosperous life, a more successful life, a more joy-filled life. As I choose to mentally believe this is true for me, I can state with confidence that the good desires of my heart are G-d's good desires for me. I am aware of my good in a greater way. I am more confident that I can claim the good that I desire. I am filled with the awareness that my faith is magnified and draws to me like a magnet all things necessary for me to experience that which resides in my mind and heart as the truth for me. I claim my good through my thoughts, in the images that fill my mind and in the words that define what this good is to me. I am interested in my good. I am filled with the joy of living in the experience of my good desires. I am fascinated with the way in which the Intelligence, Spirit and Power of G-d prepares the way for all this good and more to be made manifest in my life ... beginning right now.
and so it is .... Amen.

Rev. Bates

Treatment for Wholeness

As I recognize God, Infinite Spirit, I activate within my consciousness the presence of the Presence; the Power of the Infinite and the Infinite Intelligence available to me, right where I am.  As I am consciously aware of this Truth, I know and accept that this Presence In-dwells me ... for It is One with my mind ... in my mind ... now.  In this realization, I become aware that I can speak my word into this Mind and announce that wholeness exists in all things that concern me; my finances, my health, my relationships and my work.  My Good is not measured to me as a reward or withheld from me as a punishment ... I can take that which is mine by right of consciousness ... for it has been prepared for me ... and I prepare my mind to accept it.  Nothing or no one can hinder my prosperity, my success, or my excellent health.  I embrace loving and supportive relationships as I love and support all those in my experience.  As I take this Truth deeper within my consciousness, my heart, my mind and my soul are filled with gratitude and a great appreciation for Life, Truth and God.  As I dwell in the place of the Most High ... feeling the tender sweetness of the Silence within my mind ... I release these words into the Law, knowing that the Infinite responds to me spontaneously.
And so it is ... Amen.
Rev. Bates

As I give my attention to God and the Good that I want, I feel the Presence and the Power of the Infinite working through my heart, mind and soul intuitively.  My faith in God and in myself increases daily as I remain steadfast and immovable in my conviction that I am moving forward with greater joy, success and prosperity in all ways and in all things.  I feel at One with God and at One with my Good as I hold fast to my vision and accept the Good that is mine.  I love Life and Life responds to me in the affirmative as I create within my consciousness an ever-expanding awareness of the Good that is available to me and to everyone.  I am loving Life immensely as I realize that in this very moment my attitude of loving-ness is creating the best of times and the best of everything for me today and each day forward.  My heart is filled with loving gratitude and I am living In-God with a thankful heart.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates


In this moment I turn to God, Infinite Spirit, and align myself with Its radiant flow of Love, allowing It to permeate my heart, mind and soul, as It creates within me a greater and more powerful expression of Love.  As I move into the activities of today and each day forward, I feel a sense of this great Love as It enters into my every decision and every encounter with those around me.  I do not hesitate to stop whatever I am doing … or whatever I am thinking … and examine it in the Light of Love.  I allow myself the time, and the opportunity for the experience of Love in all that I do.  My heart is always open to receive an increased capacity of Love to express out into my world of affairs and this capacity to express Love increases accordingly.   Love blesses me … sustains me … and maintains me in Its highest expression of Itself at all times … and for this I rejoice and give thanks, now and always.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates


Praying from the Infinite “I” within me, I know and recognize that I am touching the Father within me … compelling me to accept the very Good that I imagine for myself at all times.  In this realization that the “I” within me is the same “I” infinitely individualized within everyone, I know that this “I” … which Is God, works through me, attracting to me, everyone and everything necessary for my complete and whole expression of Life.  In this heightened awareness of God, Infinite Good … I transcend any idea or thought of separation from my Good and realize my Oneness with the All-Good fully and completely in my Life now.  I know that everyone who enters the “world of my thoughts” … is there to be blessed and in blessing them, I Am blessing me … and in this understanding I know and realize that my every prayer is an acceptance of my Good, now.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates

My Law of Mind Demonstrates in Divine Order

As I cultivate, foster and nurture the “recognition” of the Power of God working through my consciousness, I realize and actualize the very things that I choose to accept in my Life.  Knowing that God works through me, I am demonstrating my One-ness with Divine Power and Intelligence.  The wisdom of God guides and directs my “choices” allowing me to automatically align my Law of Mind with the nature of Infinite Presence and Universal Law.  Everything that I choose to experience manifests in Divine Law and Order; in the right and perfect time and through the right and perfect channels of expression … and for this, and so much more … I give thanks and praise to God, Infinite Good, as I release my words, my thoughts and my images of Good into Universal Mind.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates


Love Is What I Am

I recognize that I am created in the image and the likeness of God … All that I am is God … All that God Is … is Llove … so I am knowing with a persistent conviction that Love is what I am.  It is Love that Indwells me … Love that thrills me … Love that strengthens me … Love that goes out from me … and Love reflecting back to me.  I am in Love with this Thing Called Life and It is in Love with me.  I do not hesitate, nor do I fear to express my Loving nature in all that I do.  Love creates through me wonderful and exciting new experiences in order that I may more fully and completely express the Love that I am.  In this moment Love prospers and blesses all those who connect with this powerful energy of Love flowing from me.  Love knows no nationality, no race, no gender as it embraces everyone and everything with Its powerful healing energy.  I am radiant with Love’s desire to realize my One-ness with All of Life and I celebrate this realization with gratitude, joy and praise, now and forever.

 And So It Is. …  Amen.

  Rev. Bates


As I recognize that all my Good must move through my consciousness, I release all things that hinder the Perfect flow of Divine Right Action through me.  In my realization that God works for me by working through me, the channel of Light and Love that I Am is aligned in Perfect Peace, Harmony and Love, open and receptive to expressing more of the Good that God desires to express through me.  As I forgive, I give up all blocks to my Good and allow the expansion of new ideas, beliefs and concepts to surface in my conscious mind guiding and directing me to an ever expansive expression of Infinite Good.  My heart is filled with gratitude as I surrender to the will of the Father, my very own conscious awareness of Good.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates



As I recognize that Love Is what I Am, I immediately unify with the One Love that Is God.  In this realization, I know that within me is an infinite capacity to express Love and I do not hesitate to allow this Love to express through me, as me … as a flow of light, joy and harmony … embracing everyone and everything that I see.  My willingness to give this Love and in-let and an out-let through me, energizes the Spirit of me and I move through every experience with grace and ease … tirelessly moving me into a rich and rewarding Life … filled with success, prosperity and great joy.  I am energized with enthusiasm and great gratitude as I continually release my Word expecting an affirmative response.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates

Today, I am recognizing the In-Dwelling Presence of God-In-Me in a greater way than ever before.  I feel at-One with the Source and Substance of my Life, God.  I am energized and strengthened knowing that God is closer to me than breathing … I am never without the protection of the Presence … protecting my self-image, protecting my confidence and self-assurance, with Its strength and wisdom.  The strength of God is my strength … and I know that I can do all things as I trust the Presence to work for me, as me and through me in all ways and in all things.  I live in a constant awareness of gratitude as I know that All Is God … and All Is Good … and with confidence I release these words with praise and joyous recognition that Infinite Presence responds to me instantaneously.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates


As I recognize that I am a living, breathing, Expression of the Infinite, I know that there can be no separation from me and God or my Good.  In this realization, I am aware that my Good Is Now … always has been and always will be.  As I let go of any thoughts of delay and accept my Good in the Present moment, I am overcome with joy and happiness, knowing that what I am   seeking is seeking me and it is Good and very Good.  My mind is filled with love and peace knowing that there are no stumbling blocks in front of me and the way is clear to enjoy the best of times and the best of everything for I am living in the Center of Love now and forevermore.

And So It Is. …  Amen.

Rev. Bates


As I recognize God, Infinite Spirit, I recognize that God is doing His perfect through me.  I realize that there is only One Life, that Life Is God … and that Life is my Life now and always.  In this understanding that God lives-in-me, I know and I declare the Truth that my every Good desire is God’s desire for me … and as I mentally contemplate and see the Good results in my Life, I realize that my Life is abundant with love, happiness, peace and every Good thing that is necessary for my continued fulfillment of my purpose on this Earth and beyond.  My life is a marvelous expression of God’s ever-lasting Love and I freely accept and share all that the Father bestows on me.  I am more than thankful … more than appreciative … I live a blessed Life that is forever grateful at all times to God … to those in my Life experience and for All things.  I recognize that Gratitude connects me with God at all times and I surrender my heart, mind and soul to the Infinite.

 And So It Is. …  Amen.
Rev. Bates


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