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Spiritual Blindness
   Millions of people are "blind," i.e., they are psychologically and spiritually "blind" because they do not know that they become what they think all day long. Man is spiritually and mentally "blind" when he is hateful, resentful, or envious of others. He does not know that he is actually secreting mental poisons which tend to destroy him.

Thousands of people are constantly saying that there is no way to solve their problems, and their situation is hopeless. Such an attitude is the result of spiritual blindness. Man begins to see spiritually and mentally when he gets a new understanding of his mental powers, and develops a conscious awareness that the wisdom and intelligence in his subconscious can solve all his problems.

Everyone should become aware of the inter-relationship and interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind. Persons who were once blind to these truths, after careful introspection, will now begin to see the vision of health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind that can be theirs through the correct application of the laws of mind.
- Dr. Joseph Murphy

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      Dr. Joseph Murphy ( 1898 - 1981) 

          Dr. Joseph Murphy was Minister-Director of the Church of Divine Science in Los Angeles for 28 years, where his lectures were attended by 1300 to 1500 people every Sunday. His daily radio program during all that time was immensely popular. He moved to Laguna Hills, California in 1976, where he continued to speak every Sunday until he made his transition in 1981.

     Dr. O. C. Smith, my minister and teacher, was great friends with Dr. Joseph Murphy, his first Metaphysics teacher, and shared Dr. Murphy's consuming passion for the Truth.

         Joseph Murphy, Ph.D., D. D., was a world-renowned authority on mysticism and mind dynamics. The author of more than thirty books, including The Power of the Subconscious Mind and Secrets of the I Ching (Reward/Prentice Hall Press), he remains a beacon of enlightenment and inspiration for legions of loyal followers.

            "I have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world." -- Dr. Joseph Murphy.

       At last, a great new scientific discovery brings the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your control. Dr. Murphy teaches the simple, scientifically proven techniques and the astonishing facts about how your subconscious powers can perform miracles of healing. How lung cancer has been cured and optic nerves made whole again. How you can use the newly discovered Law of Attraction to increase your money-getting powers. How your subconscious mind can win you friends, peace of mind, and even help you to attract the ideal mate. How your dreams can help you solve problems and make difficult decisions -- or warn you of potential disaster. Prosperity, happiness and perfect health are yours when you use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

RevBates.tv Exclusive: Dr. Murphy tape transcribed - click here

Added August 7, 2002 - SUPREME MASTERY OF FEAR (out of print) by Dr. Joseph Murphy


"The Miraculous Law of Healing"

          There is only one healing power. It is called by many names, such as God, Infinite Healing Presence, Nature, Divine Love, Divine Providence, the Miraculous Healing Power, Life, Life Principle, as well as many others. This knowledge goes back into the dim recesses of the past. An inscription has been found written over ancient temples which reads: "The doctor dresses the wound, and God heals the patient."

The healing presence of God is within you. No psychologist, minister, doctor, surgeon, priest, or psychiatrist heals anyone. For example, the surgeon removes a tumor, thereby removing the block and making way for the healing power of God to restore you. The psychologist or psychiatrist enaeavors to remove the mental block and encourages the patient to adopt a new mental attitude which tends to release the Healing Presence, flowing through the patient as harmony, health, and peace. The minister asks you to forgive yourself and others and to get in tune with the Infinite by letting the healing power of love, peace, and good will flow through your subconscious mind, thereby cleansing all the negative patterns that may be lodged there.

         This infinite healing presence of Life, which Jesus called "Father," is the healing agent in all diseases, whether mental, emotional, or physical.

This miraculous healing power in your subconscious mind, if scientifically directed, can heal your mind, body, and affairs of all disease and impediments. This healing power will respond to you regardless of your race, creed, or color. It does not care whether you belong to any church or whether you have any creedal affiliations or not. You have had hundreds of healingr since you were a child. You can recall how this healing presence brought curative results to cuts, burns, bruises, contusions, sprains, etc., and, in all probability, like the author, you did not aid the healing in any way by the application of external remedies.

Degrees of Faith
There are different degrees of faith. There is the man who, through faith, heals his ulcers, and another who heals a deep-seated, so-called incurable malignancy. It is as easy for the healing presence of God to heal a tubercular lung as it is to heal a Cut on your finger. There is no great or small in the God that made us all; there is no big or little, no hard or easy. Omniptence is within all men. The prayers of the man who lays his hand on another in order to induce a healing simply appeal to the cooperation of the patient's unconscious, whether the latter knows it or not, or whether he ascribes it to Divine intercession or not, and a response takes place; for according to the patient's faith is it done unto him.

He Healed His Withered Hand

An irate young man came to interview me, stating that his boss had fired him and had said to him, "You're like the man in the Bible with the withered hand." He said to me, "What did he mean? My hands are all right, they are perfectly normal." My explanation was as follows: In the correct interpretation of the Bible, it must be understood that principles are personified as persons in order to make portrayal and interaction vivid and forceful. We must not confine the story of the man with the withered hand to its literal meaning The hand is a symbol of power, direction, and effectiveness. With your hand, you fashion, mold, direct, and design. Symbolically, a man has a withered hand when he has an inferiority complex and feels guilty and inadequate, or is a defeatist. Such a man does not function efficiently and is not expressing his God-given powers.

        This young man admitted that his dreams, ambitions, ideals, plans, and purposes were withered and frozen in his mind because he did not know how to bring them to pass. Not knowing the laws of mind and how to pray correctly, he found that his wonderful ideas died a-borning in his mind, resulting in frustration and neurosis. He was stagnating, literally dying on the vine. Furthermore, he was demoting and depreciating himself. His attitude toward life was all wrong; moreover, he admitted that his work was shoddy and desultory.

        His hand (his ability to achieve and to accomplish) withered by saying to himself, "If I had Joe's brains or his wealth . . . his connections . . . I could advance and be somebody. But look at me, just a nobody. I was born on the wrong side of the tracks. I must he satisfied with my lot. I have a withered hand."

        A remarkable change took place in this man, however, when he decided to stretch forth his hand by enlarging his concept and estimate of himself. He formed a picture in his mind of what he wished to achieve, i.e., to direct a large organization and to be successful. He began to affirm frequently, "I can do all things, through the God-power which strengthens, guides, controls, and directs me. I realize that I am going where my vision is. I now turn with faith and confidence to the Infinite Intelligence within me, knowing that I am directed by an inner wisdom. I know in my heart that the God-power flows through the patterns of thought and imagery in my mind, and I am under a Divine compulsion to succeed."

        As he identified himself mentally and emotionally with these new concepts, he went forward from promotion to promotion and is now general manager of a large corporation, his current salary exceeding $75,000 annually.

Steps in Healing

The first step in healing is not to be afraid of the manifest condition -- from this very moment. The second step is to realize that the condition is only the product of past thinking, which will have no more power to continue its existence. The third step is mentally to exalt the miraculous healing power of God within you.

           This procedure instantly will stop the production of all mental poisons in you or in the person for whom you are praying. Live in the embodiment of your desire, and your thought and feeling will soon be made manifest. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by human opinion and worldly fears, but live emotionally in the belief that it is God in action in your mind and body.


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