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  The Way to a Wonderful Life

Spiritual, not religious

                 Henry Lee Bates was born the seventh child of Glen and Frances Bates,  on a farm in Paris, Missouri.  He  is one of twelve children. Henry attended the First Baptist Church of Paris, Missouri, as a child.  As the family farm expanded, Henry later lived in rural Mexico, Missouri, attended a two-room school house [GPS School] until the eighth grade.  He attended Paris High School through the tenth grade.  At age sixteen he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he lived with his sisters while attending school and
worked as a copy boy for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Henry attended colleges and universities in St. Louis, Missouri, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and also studied additionally at U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles, California.  

Henry began to have an interest in the Catholic Church while in his late teens.  He converted to Catholicism, leaving the Baptist Church, and was confirmed in the Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon in 1978.  After attending his first service at the Hollywood Church of Religious ScienceDr. Robert H. Bitzer, Founder and Spiritual Director, he left mainstream theology in 1992 and began a serious study of spiritual principles as taught by the Master Mind Jesus and in the Holy Bible and The Torah.

  Rev. Bates studied at the Hollywood Church for three and a half years, and also began his ministerial studies there with Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone.  Dr. Domenic continues to be a great mentor for Rev Bates and has given him great insight into the purpose and practice of ministry.  Under the direction of Dr. Domenic Rev Bates began giving spiritual presentations early in his spiritual education, first at the old Hollywood Church of Religious Science on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and then as a guest speaker at churches in Northern and Southern California.  Rev. Bates answered every "call to ministry" during his seven years of training to become an Ordained Minister.

 For advanced studies, Rev. Bates transferred his Practitioner Internship and ministerial studies to the City of Angels Church of Religious Science to study with the great, Dr. O. C. Smith, Founder and Spiritual Director.  Rev. Bates received his Religious  Science Practitioner [RScP.] designation September 23, 2000, at City of Angels Church of Religious Science, an Independent Religious Science Church. 

 Beginning the first Monday morning in August, 2001, Rev. Bates began his first Radio Show, "The Way To A Wonderful Life,"  on KRLA 870/Los Angeles and KRLH 590/San Bernardino, which broadcast from August 2001 thru October 2002, covering Southern California and Live Internet broadcast.  He was instructed in ministerial studies by both Dr. O. C. Smith and  Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science.  Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn has taught classes at Guidance Church, Founders Church, Agape International Center of Truth and at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science.  The great Dr. O. C. Smith is known to the world for his music, especially the song "God Didn't Make Little Green Apples."  He and his wife, Robbie Golshan-Smith, co-founded the City of Angels Church of Religious Science, a 5000 member church located in Los Angeles, California. 

   Rev. Bates was Ordained as  Reverend Henry Lee Bates at City of Angels Church of Religious Science on June 30, 2002.  After pulpit duty at the Light of Truth in San Fernando, California and the Palm Springs Church for Today in Palm Springs, California, for two years, Rev. Bates founded Desert Cities Community Church in Palm Springs on May 16, 2004.  The church continued for eleven and a half years in Downtown Palm Springs.

                On May 13, 2007, Dr. Robbie Smith and the Board of Directors of
the City of Angels Church of Religious Science/MECCA, in Los Angeles, California,
awarded an Honorary Doctorate to Reverend Dr. Henry Lee Bates.

April 26, 2009, Rev. Bates went back on the Radio with:
"The Way to a Wonderful Life"
         and aired broadcasts for 11 1/2 years
ending the program on October 28, 2023


The Mission for this work is to:  "Create a vital and dynamic teaching and learning environment for instruction in the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus and the wisdom of the ancients, that leads to The Way To A Wonderful Life for all peoples of the World."
- Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

Purpose:  The purpose of this organization shall be to advance the knowledge and the practice of the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus, evolutionary science of mind, among all people, as taught by Reverend Dr. Henry Lee Bates, especially among its adherents, and to foster fellowship, cultural and social well-being to a global community.

click here for "Prayer is a Powerful Thing" 
a booklet by Rev. Hank Bates

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