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Henry Bates
Henry Bates

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    Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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by Rev. Bates

Prayer is a Powerful Thing - in its 1st printing this little booklet has reached out to the world: Brazil, South Africa, Italy, France, Great Britain, Trinidad, Australia, Russia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and throughout the United States.  

Rev. Bates is an ordained Religious Science Minister, with an Honorary Doctorate of Religious Science.  Through his knowledge of the Science of Mind and the principles contained in the Holy Bible, especially the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus, this ministry has helped countless numbers of people to realize their hopes, dreams and goals through the global Internet ministry, www.revbates.tv.  Rev. Bates studied with the Masters of Religious Science;  Dr. O. C. Smith, Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone, and the modern mystic, Rev. Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn.  Rev. Bates is the Founding Minister of the Desert Cities Religious Science located in Palm Springs, California, and the Founder of the virtual ministry, RevBates.tv

 "Prayer is a Powerful Thing" 
Powerful - Effective - Prayer
by Rev. Bates

 After years of service in responding to prayer requests from a global audience, this book has been written in a very simple language for everyone to understand the process, the power, the passion, and
 the necessity of prayer.

Written in simple, easy to understand language, that is absolutely clear to anyone.  It is the "definitive how-to-pray" effectively book.  It will inspire you to be persistent and consistent in your spiritual practice ... and to accept the Good that you seek today and always.

Also, from Rev. Irene Danon, an ideal book for those who want to practice effective Prayer-Treatment:

"Prayer is a Powerful Thing" 

La Oración Es Algo Ponderoso (Spanish Edition) 
by Reverendo Henry Bates and Raul Feliciano Sanchez

"This little book has helped everyone I have given it to. I am so happy to know that it is being published again." - Alice Peterson
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It's no "Secret". Here are the answers. - Review by George Ewert
This review is from: Prayer Is A Powerful Thing (Paperback)
Have questions about prayer and how to do it more effectively? You need to get this book! Inside is a powerful yet easy to understand description of "Scientific Prayer," a concise method anyone can use to improve their life through positive prayer and reflect more of God in our experiences. Want to gain a better understanding of our relationship to the Infinite? Rev. Bates shows how we are not hopeless or helpless before adversity but have the power to improve any condition. By putting more into life through the ideas in this book, we can get far more out of life than we can now imagine. The book will help you the moment you open it and inspire you to learn more, have more, and be more. I recommend it!


Blog: http://livingthesom.blogspot.com

Spanish Bloghttp://revbates-en-espanol.blogspot.com 

In the book, “A New Design For Living,” written by Dr. Holmes and Willis Kinnear, Dr. Holmes defines 4-Steps of spiritual mind treatment.

Recognition: I know that there is One Presence, One Power, One Life, One Intelligence, One Substance. It is perfect, whole, complete, and harmonious. It is the source of all things and is in and through all things. There is nothing separate from It. There is nothing that can limit Its action, there is nothing that can be separate from Its action. It always knows what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It is the limitless source of every good thing. It is all joy, all happiness, love, harmony, and perfection in all that It is and does.

Identification: There is One life , that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life, now. There is nothing in me or in my experience separate from God. "I am that which Thou art, Thou art that which I am." What I am is God in me as me. I now rid my mind of any and all ideas of isolation and separation from God, and know that as I now turn to Him I permit and Partake of an increased flow and influx of the Divine nature as what I am. I am one with God--all that is. My mind is a focal point, an individualization, of the Mind of God, the One Creative Power. The word I speak, the declaration I make is the word of God going forth through me into new tangible creation. In accord with the Law of Mind my word is its own fulfillment.

Declaration: This word I speak is for me, about me, is the truth of me. There is nothing in my mind, or the mind of another, that can deny it. Its action and fulfillment cannot be delayed, deferred, or hindered. I know, affirm, and declare that Divine Intelligence, the Mind of God, now guides and directs my every thought, my every action. I know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Every good idea I have carries with it the knowledge of the ways and means for its achievement. I am vigorous and whole. I possess the vitality of the Infinite. I am strong and well. God's Life is my life, now. His strength is my strength. His power is my power. My whole being is renewed, invigorated, made alive. There is peace, a Divine harmonious, dynamic, creative action at the center of my being. Every breath I draw, every beat of my heart, is the perfect rhythmic action of Life Itself. The expression of the One Perfect Life in me as me is now perfectly maintaining every atom, cell, and organ of my body. My body is a Divine idea in the Mind of God and no thing, no situation or condition can prevent Its full and complete expression in and as me. God created my body, knows how to maintain it, to remove what doesn't belong, and to rebuild it. This is occurring right now. Without reservation I know I now manifest and experience in all fullness and completeness God's perfect idea of me, and in all respects, every action, function, and structure of my body now conforms to it. There is perfect assimilation, circulation, and elimination. All that I am is one with the One Perfect Life. All the joy there is, all the happiness, all the beauty are now mine. I am born of the Spirit. I am in the Spirit. I am the Spirit made manifest.

Acceptance: I now accept the creative action of the words I have spoken as the law and the thing whereunto they are directed. They go forth into immediate fulfillment. Right now are they fully manifest. There is no delay, there is nothing that can prevent them from now being fully and completely fulfilled in my experience. They are words of power and of good. I accept them, I know they are the truth of that which I am. In and through them God goes forth anew into creation. It is now done, it is now complete. For this knowledge, for this understanding, I am grateful. I give thanks that all this is so. I know and accept that there is One Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, and that Life is my life now. Right now.
And so it is.

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