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  evolutionary science of mind & the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus

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Bio-Rev. Henry Bates

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The Master Mind
The Radical Rabbi
The Master Teacher
Lord's Prayer
Be Still and Know


"This is a "How-To" "Move-Through" teaching.  We teach people 
how-to-move-through whatever it is that's going on in their lives."
- Dr. O. C. Smith,
 Founder Minister,
City of Angels Church
 of Religious Science,
 Los Angeles, California

"One's willingness to stand firm in their conviction (s) is a sure sign of the "realization of self" of that individual.
...thanks again for the passion that you exhibit for the teaching of Religious Science."
- The Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith
Founding Minister, 
City of Angels
Church of Religious Science

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This site is the independent project of Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates.
    It is not endorsed nor approved by any church, organization or association.  This is an Independent  Ministry.
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RevBates.tv is a Healing Ministry without walls, physical or denominational, that the world can instantly access and use without cost.  This work is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from the individuals we serve.  Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Change Your Thinking
Change Your Life

        Science of Mind and Spirit, bears the same relation to religion that natural science bears to the laws of nature.  It is a science of mental and spiritual phenomena, and as such it appeals to adherents of all religious beliefs, as well as to those who have no particular religious conviction; it appeals to all students of life.
- Ernest Holmes

"I think we should feel as though we are on a mission. Not a mission of sadness to save souls - they are not lost, and if they were, you wouldn't know where to look for them - but a mission that glorifies the soul. Not to find we are here for salvation, but for glorification--the beauty, the wonder, the delight of that Something that sings and sings and sings in the soul of humankind,"  Dr. Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind, founder of the movement that followed.

In its original form, Religious Science taught the Science of Mind,  as something intelligent to think about, and something satisfying to believe in, as well as practical to use. Regardless of race, religious affiliation, education, or social status one may find in it the ways and means to a fuller, richer life.
        Religious Science presented a message of help and inspiration, for its practice and use extends into every form of human experience. Health, financial abundance, harmonious relationships, success, creative activity, and all the other things that make for the good life become accessible. One no longer feels like a hopeless human being, as he is master of his destiny, and proves to himself that it is done unto him as he believes.
         Religious Science was founded in 1926 by Dr. Ernest Holmes, an internationally recognized teacher of Truth. His works, based on the teachings of great philosophers and mystics, combine the sacred wisdom of both Eastern and Western traditions. His teachings emphasizes the limitless potential of the human mind when a connection is made with the power within, whether it is called God, Spirit, Higher Power or whatever.
         We have no opposition to any religious belief or philosophy. We recognize that each person is on an individual path to his/her own fulfillment and must be guided by his/her own inner voice. We teach practical and definite methods with which each individual can create positive life changes. We teach Scientific Prayer, the same method as Jesus utilized; prayer and meditation combined can heal the discords in our lives and bring us to a greater trust in God.
We teach that spiritual understanding leads to an opportunity to experience greater love, greater joy and a fuller life expression.

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In 1991, I walked into the Hollywood Church of Religious Science and heard the message presented by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, the Founder and Spiritual Director.  His message spoke to my soul and I knew that his words were not only the Truth about me, but the Truth about everyone.  My beginning and intermediate classes were taken at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science (Dr. Bitzer's Hollywood Church of Religious Science building was sold in September, 2005) which was once considered the Hallmark Church in the Religious Science Movement.  This building was a prominent landmark on Sunset Boulevard for 72 years.  
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Dr. Robert H. Bitzer
Hollywood Church
of Religious Science

Dr. Domenic Polifrone
Hollywood Church
of Religious Science

Dr. O. C. Smith
City of Angels Church
of Religious Science

     I studied with  Dr. Domenic Polifrone at the then, Hollywood Church for Today, for the first three and a half years of my Spiritual/Practitioner/Ministerial Studies.  Under Dr. Domenic's direction I had the opportunity to present public lectures during my training years.  This opportunity for public speaking led to my beginning as a guest speaker in churches prior to earning my official Practitioner certification.  It was a great beginning to my ministry, and I will always be grateful to Dr. Domenic for his guidance and support.  
I was tremendously blessed to be guided and directed to study with the Great Metaphysician, Dr. O. C. Smith at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science.  ( Click here for Dr. O. C. Smith's Obituary and Interview with Patricia Nolan Stein - Archives Nov. 26th 2001 ) Dr. O. C. Smith left us some of his greatest lessons on tape.  Click here for Dr. O. C. Smith's tapes.  For Ministerial II,  Spirit provided me with another outstanding teacher, Dr. Juanita Bryant-DunnDr. Juanita has taught classes at Guidance Church of Religious Science, Founders' Church of Religious Science and Agape International Center of Truth.  Dr. Juanita received an Honorary Doctorate from Dr. O. C. Smith in June 2001.  Truly a modern mystic, currently she teaches at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science and Agape. Click here for more on Rev. Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn.

                                On May 13, 2007, Dr. Robbie Smith and the Board of Directors of the City of Angels Church of Religious Science/MECCA, in Los Angeles, California, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Religious Science to Rev. Henry Lee Bates.

                              Each of my teachers have been very important to my growth and development as a teacher and minister.  Dr. O. C. Smith, however, is my greatest influence and inspiration to teach Principle without compromise, to always maintain a consciousness of Brotherly Love and to have faith in Divine Law and Order.  Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone's inspiration me to trust in Absolute Truth has helped me through so many of the challenges of developing a global ministry.  The amazing graceful Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn inspired me to follow my intuition in spiritual healing work that has given me edge to witness amazing physical, mental and spiritual healings.
- Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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