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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for February 7, 2016

         "Be in the world but not of the world" the Master Mind Jesus told his followers and disobedience to this instruction has always been one of the most striking errors of Christianity.  And as if that is not a grave enough error, he also said, as I was reminded this week, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" and this too has been given lip service by the religion that claims him as their "savior."  In this we see that no one can "save" us but ourselves and the thing many of us need to "save" ourselves from is the interpretations of the Master Mind Jesus' teachings perpetuated by religion.  This "kingdom of heaven" Jesus is referring to is not some place in the great beyond but an absence of fear, distrust and self-doubt at the level of our consciousness (the kingdom of heaven is within he stated seven times in the Gospels alone) which expresses through our words, our actions, our activities, our relationships and all that we experience.  It is "childish" not "like a child" to believe that there is a heaven in some far off gated-community beyond the sky.  Our spirit is eternal and in this we should never doubt for it is intelligent to recognize that we are the "offspring" of our Creator/"Spirit" which is synonymous with "Mind" being the instrument of expression for Intelligence and Power.

        For religion to grow in this Century the man-made dogma must be rejected and the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus and other enlightened beings must be fostered otherwise the "Nones" ... those with no religious affiliation will continue to grow.  But, religion continues to be steadfast in its attachments to that which defies Intelligence and even the charming Pope Francis has done little to reject the nonsense.  And Catholicism is not alone in this as we see the same stream of people leaving Judaism and Protestant theologies.  Yes, there are still mega-churches and even mega-Temples and Mosques but the numbers are decreasing and the enlightened teachings of the mystics of Christianity, Judaism and Islam are still the after-thought of those who lead these religions.   The
Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, Seneca (Seneca the Younger) wrote for all to know as he observed:  "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers useful."

       I would suspect that the “religion” that Seneca is referring to is the dogmatic language of those in leadership positions during his time …  we still have a few of these dinosaurs remaining.  I believe there is great wisdom to be found in all religions and in all legitimate religious/spiritual books.  We wouldn’t have the insights into the spiritual today without the mystical revelations from the Torah, the Holy Bible and the Bhavagad Gita to mention those most of us are aware of.  Great minds have always studied these books to seek and find a more meaningful understanding of life than that described by religious dogma.  And as the mind of mankind has evolved to conceive of more in the material world, our mind is also capable of conceiving of more in the Great Invisible realm of the universe in which we live; the realm of infinite possibilities.  And this is where those who cherry-pick religious writings get into trouble with those who are intelligent and discerning. 

       William Blake stated so clearly, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”  It is this greater perception of life and livingness that opens our mind to a greater realization of what is happening in our world and how it affects us individually.  We live in a world of belief that out-pictures as consequences.  As the world turns from religious dogma we must be cautious to not allow ourselves to be distracted from the truth that “as within so without” and begin to believe that power, intelligence and life can be judged by material and physical conditions solely.  We live in the consequences of our thoughts, our contemplations and our meditations … MIND!  The far-reaching implications of the Master Mind Jesus’ statement, “it is done unto you as you believe” speaks to an eternal, immutable, universal spiritual law that affects us both consciously and unconsciously.  Its power is just as omnipresent as the law of gravity.

        This power that is available to us, is faith.  Let's look at what James Dillet Freeman the mystical Unity author/teacher informs us about faith:  "What is this faith that we are told is so important to us?
       Faith is not so much a matter of the mind as of the heart. Sometimes in seeking to understand God as a principle, we lose sight of him as a presence. Theologians and philosophers can know God as words to set down in books, but a child who cannot even utter the name of God may have faith beyond that of learned priests. To have faith is not to theorize about God or even to imagine Him, but to experience Him.
         Faith is the opposite of fear. Have you ever felt the icy feet, the racing heart, the unnerved hands of fear? The hands of faith are strong and sure. The feet of faith move steady to the will. The heart of faith beats quietly in tune with God. Faith is a warmth, a feeling of well-being that envelops the body and overflows the mind. Faith brings an inward peace, a tranquil spirit.
         Faith is the expectation of the unexpected. Faith is an open and courageous heart. The arms of prayer are outstretched, not in supplication but in surrender of life's sovereign will, in submission to the ruling order of the universe, in receptivity to good.
         Faith is the power to see in the disappointment of today the fulfillment of tomorrow, in the end of old hopes the beginning of new life. Faith is the inward power to see beyond the outward signs, the power to know that all is right when everything looks wrong.
        When our fondest dreams go amiss and our dearest prayers seem to remain unanswered, faith is a vision of life that soars beyond the limitations of the self - these narrow senses, this imperfect reason, this drift of circumstance - and sees that our life is a part of something more than we have ever understood, that in spite of all that may seem and all that may happen there is an ultimate fulfillment, that all is well, that all must be well. For life has an eternal meaning, and we are one with the infinite, and whatever may befall us, in the all-enfolding, all-unfolding ever-ness of God it will work out for good."

        And so we see that to live in the consequences of joy and happiness, peace of mind and wonder, it is indeed true that we should “become like children” … unblemished by the world’s self-inflicted nonsense.  Or as William Blake wrote:
For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life.  


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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