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 W E L C O M E  T O  REV. BATES MINISTRIES - evolutionary Science of Mind, the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus

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Rev. Bates teaches the "evolutionary" Science of Mind, the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus ... knowing and understanding that the greatest honor we can bestow upon the great metaphysical teacher, Dr. Ernest Holmes, is to evolve his 1926 work so that it is attractive to, and persistently studied, by a contemporary audience.

2006 Weekly Messages

"Happy New Year"
Let It Go by T. D. Jakes
January 1, 2006

Jan. 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th - Annual Review
Introductory Chapters of the Science of Mind
"The Thing Itself"
Identifying Universal Power
January 8, 2006
"How It Works"
How Much Can We Believe?
January 15, 2006
"What It Does"
The Secret Already Known
January 22, 2006
"How To Use It"
God Does Not Punish
January 29, 2006

"LOVE ... like you mean it"
February 5, 2006
"How Can You Believe Me...
When I Say I Love You ...
When You Know I Have Been A Liar All My Life"
February 12, 2006
"DO NOT ... 
or at least think about it before you do ...
cast your pearls before swine"
February 19, 2006
"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?"
February 26, 2006
"Marching Forward ... on the road less traveled"
March 5, 2006
"Oscar Sensibility"
March 12, 2006
"from Idea to Ideal"
March 19, 2006
"SACRED sexuality"
March 26, 2006
"HEAVEN is where I Am"
April 2, 2006
"Palm Sunday ... what's in it for me?"
April 9, 2006
"Easter - Jesus ... Believe As I Do"
April 16, 2006
"The Da Vinci Code Series - Part 1 of 4"
April 23, 2006
"The Da Vinci Code Series - Part 2 of 4"
April 30, 2006
"The Da Vinci Code Series - Part 3 of 4"
May 7, 2006
"The Da Vinci Code Series - Part 43 of 4"
May 14, 2006
"Prayer Is A Powerful Thing"
May 21, 2006
"How To Use The Science Of Mind"
May 28, 2006
"6-6-6 and the Bush Amendment"
June 4, 2006
"manifesting our desires"
June 11, 2006
"what's God got to do with it?"
June 18, 2006
"I was born right the first time"
June 25, 2006
"Stop In The Name Of Love"
July 2, 2006
July 9, 2006
"Going Out Of My Head"
July 16, 2006
"tithing made simple"
July 23, 2006
July 30, 2006
"comfort zone"
August 6, 2006
"radical thinking"
August 13, 2006
"HELL ... don't go there"
August 20, 2006
"Celebrity Spirituality"
August 27, 2006
"GOD, the Ultimate Mystery"
September 3, 2006
"5th Year Observance - September 11, 2001"
September 10, 2006
"Faith we can count on"
September 17, 2006
"don't Run the Human Race"
September 24, 2006
October 1, 2006
"Quiet Desperation"
October 8, 2006
"DO NOT BE AFRAID .. To Question Your Religion"
October 15, 2006
"The Metaphysical Significance of The Lord's Prayer"
October 22, 2006
"SOUL MATES ... soul-to-soul"
October 29, 2006
November 5, 2006
"A Lifetime Of Happiness Guaranteed!"
November 12, 2006
November 19, 2006
"Remembering Great-Ness ... Dr. O. C. Smith"
November 26, 2006
"HAPPY HOLIDAYS ... To Everyone!"
December 3, 2006
"A Positive Faith"
December 10, 2006
"Real Men Love Jesus & Light Hanukkah Candles"
December 17, 2006
"Jesus & Christmas"
December 24, 2006
"Nothing-Less-Than Heaven in 2007"
December 31, 2006


Rev. Hank Bates
Founding Minister,
Desert Cities Community Church

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by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer


     I thank thee, Father, for this New Day with its new opportunities.  I rejoice that God-in-me will guide me and direct my ways so that my Best will find full expression.  Everything that I do shall prosper.  Everywhere I go I shall find understanding and joy.  Everyone I meet today will be strengthened and enriched and I shall be blessed.  THIS DAY my purpose in life shall be fulfilled.


    I recognize that nothing can come to me unless my thought permits it.  My Mind is clear because I recognize God, the only Reality, as the Good expressing in and through me now.  No confusion can exist in my thought for my mind is one with the Mind of God.  No discord can enter my consciousness because I know God as Love and Understanding. My thought reflects itself around me and I am surrounded by harmony, love and perfect understanding.


     God-in-me makes me confident of my Success.  God-in-me sustains me so that nothing can disturb me.  I am in complete control of myself and every situation which surrounds me.  The Power within me transcends anything that can manifest around me.  I stand steadfast.


God-in-me reveals to me what I can do to give my talents full expression.  I am ready for a larger and more remunerative experience.  Everything necessary is being done to bring this new opportunity into form.


    Every avenue of my being is open for the continuous expression of God's abundance which supplies all that I need and desire.

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